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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010 3:02 PM

Its been a week since i stepped out of my house. Thats really bad. but but i watched alot of shows. =D Ohwell. Finished watching 海派甜心. 10/10!

Followed by 2012. 9/10

And then The Vampire Diaries.
I admit that Paul Wesley who acted as 'Stefan Salvatore' is nice looking:) And the main female lead, Elena Gilbert, is more prettier than Bella in Twilight? =x
The 2 vampire here can shine under the sun with the protection of their ring. They can sex, eat, kiss and do whatever and whenever they want. 9.5/10!

Next is 72 Tenants of Properity.
The show not bad. 7.5/10

And of cause Little Big Soldier.
I guess i give a rating of 8/10. Some part kind of sleepy.
挺好的. hahas

This is a story of a dog for the blind.
This dog is a most clever and smart i can say.
He was sent off to the training for taking the blinds. First he was sent to a so-called dogcare before hes 1 year old. THen he was sent to the training center. Soon after, he was sent to his blind owner. What happen? You can go watch and find out:) 8.5/10

Another dog story. This is a true story. How loyalty can this dog be? ohhman.
FYI, i cried ah. Its a touching one. This dog will wait for this owner back from work outside the train station. I think he knew his owner is dead, and yet, he still continues to wait for 9 years at the same spot! =[ Go watch it if you haven! 10/10!

TVB show;老友狗狗. As you see from the title, its about dog. Taking care of dog and treat them like your friends and not just owner and dog. Dog has feeling tooo. Watch it if you like dogs! And i will give 9.5/10 for this.

The Sniper. I watched this during the week of CNY at my cousin's house while celebrating my grandma's 87 Birthday. Ohwell. Didn't really see this show as playing games with my cousins. hahas. Nice show. 8/10

Thats all i watched until now. =D and currently going to watch HarryPotter. hahas. Any nice movies or show to recommend?! Cause i think i need to stay at home for the next few days.

Ohya. I came across this HTC phone. HTC HD2. Kind of interested in it. And also the Hero.
Not sure which one is better. But the screen here is much more bigger i guess?

I din know i will feel this kind of sadness.
huge one.
when the pictures goes, my tears drop one by one.
people told me there will be another.
but how can i tell myself, "nevermind evon, there will be another one."
when i know i will be missing out all the fun and joys for this time round.
and i know i will definity be left out.
i dun want the feeling again.
it hurts.

I keep telling myself, 'its alright, i will miss this time round. cheer up!'
But the moment i saw, i knew i cant.
im not that strong afterall.

Evon's xD