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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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Friday, April 30, 2010 10:05 PM

awww... i miss biantai:(

its a simple and sweet post.

Evon's xD

Sunday, April 25, 2010 5:11 PM



Yupss. Today is the Queen's BIRTHDAY! So im here to wish you a Happy Legally Birthdayy! Same age as Shermeen and me le:)) And we had a celebration at Sentosa yesterday for her~

Well, I knew you after your 13 and a half years on Earth:) From daddy -> S's Family de xiaomei -> Laoda -> Dearr.

I still remember your 'milkmilk' thingy! and that irritating 'hey, mickey!' always irritates me. And now are there anymore coming up? hahahs. =/
We moved on from secondary to Poly. We studied together during Olevel period. Lucky, you being posted to TP:D Thanks God. *I dont like MDIS*

And of course, we are here for you when you need us:) especially for the next coming months. When you sad/moody/too stress, tell me yah? I go dabao de awfully chocolate for you:D

And, once again.. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY DEAR! :D

Last but not least, i will end this post with our picture:)

Evon's xD

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 10:16 PM

Its the 3rd day of school today. Was so tired and boring=/ Waking up earlier each day since day 1.

Wow. I cant imaging we are in Year 2 already lar. sigh sigh. sounded so old. Bought most of the books for the semster already. And more to go i guess.

Oh! Today, i saw this malay guy in bus, the 2nd back row seat. He was sleeping and his body was half-ly slanted already when i walked past him and sat at the back. So the driver was making his turn to the bus stop, and we heard this loud 'bom'.

This Malay guy fell to the ground.(somemore his head got hit at the steps there leh!) Normally, after you fall, you will instantly got up. But there is no movement from him. (still lying on the floor) So, this man in front of me was still sitting at his seat until my neighbour asked him to help to get him up.

I think after 3mins, the Malay guy woke up in semi-conscious. Bus driver walked towards him and asked super alot of times; "Are you okie?" , "Do you need ambulance?". Then the Malay guy replied; "ya" And he went back to sleep again =/

I got frighten okay! He was like not moving at all after he fell! And i was thinking ohmy, im watching a dead person? =/ Sorry that i cursed you. But the situation made me thinks that way.

And tomorrow going to be a LONG LONG dayyy.

Evon's xD

Sunday, April 11, 2010 11:45 PM

- Celebrations -

I'm so sorry about the late post about the farewell party for Ronney and my 'belated birthday'. And of course i got lots of presents on that day which is on the 8th April. Including the people went oversea presents. And thanks for the hard time finding! :DD

And they all are teasing me about that 'crush'. Ohman. I seriously seriously scared dao man. Please please dont mention about him. =X

Okies. Back to the topic. Was out with Biantai except Sharonn:( to Shokodu @RafflesCity. The foods there was awesome. After walking dozens of round around, i finally decided on Pork Katsu something. Cause there aint any food i can eat. Can only eat Pork. (btw, i ate chicken today:) pizza) And thanks freak for playing with me at the kids corner(?) hahhas. And when i came back to the seat, i saw my presentt:D Actually at first didn't see it until i was wondering why my Chestnut water was on the table and i saw the Perlini's Silver bagg. Thanksss! I love it! :D And its star symbol:) Thanks BIANTAIS!! :DDD

You shall see the picturess.

The total presents i received on that day:D
I love presentss:)

This is what WeiSian gave from Taiwan:))
(i haven't eat that shit.)

This is Pris's gift from HK:)))
(I know you love mee!)

HanLin's gift from Cambodia:))
(Fish You! My past favourite line.)

Birthday present from Biantais (Shermeen, Pris, Vanessa, Sharon, HanLin, Ronney, Pong, WeiSian, LeongWei and Pearcesley.)
A Star necklace and a Star Bracelet:))

Another additional to my tortoise collection.
And seriously please dont buy soft toy anymore unless i really really like it. Cause my room is like full of soft toys. And also my mum did theaten me that she will donate the toys out someday.
But anyway Thanks.

Seee what i mean? hahhas. There's still more in the behind cupboard. =/
You will know when you come to my room.
1 Prince, 1 Princess, 2 Babies and a newly-borned brother.

- 9 April -
Went back to TP for FDM meeting. PS. Im late due to the isomia the night before. Tossing around for 1-2hrs till i slept.
Yups. More discussions needed.
Met EnNi. And she gave me her handmade so-called-card. Awesome can! And we watched the 'Clash of the Titans'. I still prefer Percy Jackson and the lighting thief. (i was watching that again with my brother yesterday.) And off we went home-d:)

En Ni's handmade gift for me:))
I think this is the first time someone did a handmade thingy for me.

- 10 April -

Was supposed to go for the YOG thingy with Vanessa. And when we reached TP, and realised we have been scammed. So we chatted over at IT school while eating sandwich and milo (its full of ants okie! But we still drank it after removing them. LOL!)
And off to meet HanLin and Pong for lunch @xiaobawang. Mee Suaaa~ We really went to play mahjong at Joseph house. Was weridd~
Went home with my mahjong tiles.

- 11 April -

Last minute went out today with HuiJi. As you can see from the picture. Yes, we went rollerblading. Ohya. Got my present from her and MinNing and also on behalf of Keith and Pong (pong, next time share 1 present can le:). THankss! lalala. See the picture of the presents below.

So we went to rent Skates. $7 for 2 hours:)) Good offer uh. Seriously, i tell you a joke. Both of us didn't know how to skate. =/ So was like bumping everywhere. And i fell down instantly on my butt. There was a sudden numb and i cant stand up.
HuiJi was like blading to the lamppost for stable and leave me sitting at the floor. And this kind lady came over and gave me a hand. Thanks! <3

Over to the bikes/skates roadside, we both slowly made our way. Then two guys came over to help us to the skating training place. Damn embarrasing~
So we hang over at there until the two guys came back and asked if wanna join them. Agreed and they lead us. I like the train part. HuiJi fell on me and there's scratches over my hands and legs. She got buises. hahas.
I was sweating real hard after the skating. Depart from them, we went Mac to have drinks after returning the skates.

I like this picture:)

I realised its a lengthy post. =/ opps! im sorryy!

Evon's xD

Tuesday, April 06, 2010 8:50 PM

Hello~ :D

Have been going out since friday. The feeling of going out was awesome. Friday went out with parents to eat at Food Palace. And also to pay the English fee.

lalala. Out with WeiLing, Michelle on Saturday. Was planning to eat ice cream buffet @ novena. But Michelle didnt do her homework. It closed down, so we went Sakae Sushi instead. And over at Chocolat(i think i spelled wrong) to have our 4 scroops of ice cream:D

Then we went over to meet Singyee at Somerset (somersalt ehs, weiling:) to go to flea market. My first time at Flea market can. =/ Its a lovely experience. And we are back to tampines and Michelle bought her cup noodles for genting.

Sunday. Was out with Wilburn, Kelly, Milissa and Alvin for dinner @ Suntec. Actually was going for the Souperlicious but end up in Subway. LOL. I shared Cheese Steak Footlong with Milissa. Not bad, quite refreshing. hahas.
After that, we went arcade to play. My arms still aching=/ Cant remember how long since i last exercise. And found ourselves outside tower 4 drinking beer. I dont like. =/

Monday was out with Junyan and his friend, Joshua. The two of them so cute can. I dont know why also. Just find them cute.

This is my 3rd present from Wilburn and Kelly. Thankss! :D and moreover, its my 1st mug as a present.

Didnt go out today:) Cooked cheese macaroni. Too cheesy le. I don't like. =/ Will cook better next time. :D

Taking driving lesson. Hopefully i wont regret about it. cheers:D
but im scared. phew~

Evon's xD